Basic Website Design Principles

One thing that sometimes escapes web designers is the need for the end product to be focussed on the customer rather than on what the web designer can provide.While new whizzy things are nice they can be at best unnecessary and at worst so distracting from the purpose of the website that the true message never gets across.A balance needs to be met that encourages creativity but retains the adage that Marketplace Script “content is king” To achieve this balance, here are three areas that I believe are important

Make your web site Super-Sticky

In such a cluttered on-line world (and getting busier every day), you need to have something on your site that grabs people’s attention and more importantly keeps them coming back again and again.The first thing that you need to make sure is that the content Wanelo clone you have is current and if possible updated regularly (regularly may mean different things to different businesses, from daily to monthly). This may mean text, pictures or even a seasonal redesign or makeover. Google do this well by simply changing the graphic of their logo to represent different events.